Movavi Media Octopus

Movavi Media Octopus 2009 1.0

An all-in-one video manager


  • Automatically converts video for devices


  • Poor design
  • Bad conversion quality
  • Crashes

Not good

Movavi Media Octopus is designed to be home for all your portable video needs, acting as a library and backup tool for your iPod, PSP or USB device.

The interface in Movavi Media Octopus is not a revolution, but is simple enough. On the left you have an iTunes-style bar featuring your PC folders, and any devices you have connected. Movavi Media Octopus allows you to download video from websites like YouTube, iPods and PSPs, and transfer material around them making conversions as necessary. You can also rip DVDs (if they are unprotected) and transfer/convert them too.

While this is a good idea - automatic conversion should be fantastic - this version feels a little unfinished. Conversion quality is not great, and all the DVD conversions we tried were very poor. The drag and drop ability is also a nice idea, but you can only open one folder at a time, which is annoying. Overall the main interface window feel under-developed. Movavi Media Octopus is also hungry, and likely to slow you computer down. It is also buggy and liable to crash.

Having a cross platform and device video manager is a cool idea, but currently Movavi Media Octopus is not easy to recommend.

Movavi Media Octopus


Movavi Media Octopus 2009 1.0

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